Based in Keller, TX (in the DFW area), Alycia also travels to Tampa, FL several times a year.

With over 22 years as a FULL TIME professional photographer in the industry, Alycia has been capturing priceless memories and milestones "officially" since 2001 and is sought after for both portrait sessions and as an educator for photographers. She has an out-going and silly personality which puts her subjects at ease in front of the camera and makes her sessions lots of fun for everyone!

She has always had a passion for photography. During her years in college, she studied the art of black and white film photography. After becoming a mother herself, she realized how quickly her children changed right before her very eyes. Relentlessly, she began to document their little lives through countless photographs, which she knew would capture a glimpse of the person they were at each particular moment in their life. 

In addition to creating beautiful portraits, Alycia is also an international award winner, educational speaker, teaching thousands of photographers from across the WORLD every year and print competition judge for several international print competitions including The Portrait MastersRISE International Photography Awards and WPPI.



"Thank you Alycia for making Chan’s senior pictures absolutely perfect. It was a day full of laughter and a few momma tears and memories that will last forever. I love each and every single image. You truly made Chan feel beautiful and as always captured her spirit. I love how you take your time and we never felt rushed! The way you incorporated Chan’s passion for art was absolutely priceless. The moment the sweet butterfly landed on her and without me saying a word you somehow knew it had a special meaning to Chan and you captured it! We love you and could never express how incredibly special you and every image that you take of my girl will forever be to us!" ~MELISSA (mom)


"My senior is a no fuss type of guy. Getting him to agree to take pictures was a HUGE undertaking. Alycia met him on his terms, the FOOTBALL field! She won him over by sharing her past experiences and making it easy for him." ~Voshon (mom)


"The entire experience is amazing! Alycia captures the best moments throughout your whole senior year, she makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera and brings out the best sides of you. I was super excited to capture all my favorite outfits in amazing locations."


"Alycia is the sweetest person ever and so good at what she does! I was nervous I may not know how to pose, but Alycia helps a lot during each session telling her models exactly what to do. I also loved getting my hair and makeup done. I felt so pretty!"


"Alycia's attention to detail and how she makes her clients feel like they are the only ones in the room or wherever they are will make their experience a wonderful one.  She has beautifully documented my daughter's senior year. I am so thankful that Emily was on her Elite team this year. It was a very worthwhile investment. We have the most gorgeous memories of her whole year because of Alycia!" ~Erin (mom)


"Alycia is laid back and fun to work with. She will do what it takes to get the best angle for great pictures. I loved watching my daughter react to the camera. Alycia was very easy to work with and made the day fun for Julie." ~Karen (mom)


"I’d been following Alycia on instagram for years and I’d seen many of the pictures she’d taken and loved them all. Alycia was very easy to work with and she made the whole process very easy. Based on the outfits I picked she was able to pick locations that coordinated very well, also the hair and makeup being done for you made everything a lot easier. Alycia is a very talented photographer and that is absolutely great at what she does and so much fun! I love love love Alycia!!!"


“My favorite part was Alycia’s attitude and always having a smile on her face.  She's the best photographer I know!”


"As a parent I was so pleased with the time and personal attention she gave my daughter. She was able to help my daughter get over her nervousness which resulted in great pictures. Being a model for her Elite Team is something she had looked forward to for years. I am totally amazed with the pictures that she took. She gave my daughter an experience that she will never forget. Senior year is a special time and Alycia made the time more special" ~Karan (mom)


"Alycia is an amazing photographer and person. The only reservation I had was if I would like the photos of myself, not on her end, but mine. That fear was gone when I first saw the pictures though because she has the ability to make everyone feel and look beautiful. The quality of her pictures is incredible, and well worth it. She goes out of her way to make sure everything looks and feels right. She's an amazing photographer and person. The fun! Being able to come out of my shell and go with the flow and have fun with her and my mom was something I'll never forget!"


"I was afraid I was going to be so shy and not get what I wanted out of the photos. Alycia is such a funny and comfortable person I felt like I had known her for months and felt so comfortable."


“The overall vibe was great! I felt comfortable and everything was personalized to fit my style and personality. Her pictures are amazing and the experience is so memorable. She takes quality photos and works diligently to ensure great results. I felt very confident in hiring Alycia as my photographer. I initially was hesitant on using a suggested makeup artist BUT I'm so glad I did.” - Jaden

“My favorite part was the amount of attention to detail that was given to my child and our family. We didn't feel like we were rushed through ANY part of the session or when it came time to select our photo package. I would tell you, that if you want a memorable picture taking experience where you feel like the photographer has a personal relationship with you; she's your go to professional! I'll explain by trusting Alycia you will view picture taking totally different.  Her work truly speaks for itself! It was a totally blessing to our family to have such awesome memories created for our only child.  She is definitely our go to professional photographer from now on! Please know that her gift is truly blessed by God from the way that she handles business to her personality.” - Kenya (mom)


"Alycia is absolutely amazing and I feel like I can be myself around her.  I absolutely hate getting my picture taken, but Alycia has made it very enjoyable and some of the very few pictures I like of myself."


"My favorite part about my senior session was being able to get my make up and hair done and really feeling like the day was all about me. Alycia was also very amazing at making me feel very comfortable. All of my best friends use her because she is AWESOME! She makes the biggest effort to ease any worries you have, from outfits to hair and make up and locations. She knows what she is doing so trust the process! Thanks for being someone my friends, family and I can trust to capture our precious moments!!"


"The whole session was my favorite part! I had so much fun the whole day and continuing to work with Alycia was amazing!"


“I was worried I wouldn’t have any clothes good enough for my photos, but Alycia helped me pick out outfits and even pick locations they’d look good in, she was very helpful and resolved all my fashion problems!  My favorite part was all her 'secret' locations.  She likes to give everyone a different shoot that fits their style and personality and I loved going to multiple locations! That’s what great about Alycia is she doesn't limit you…She will take you wherever you want to shoot and keep shooting until there’s no more daylight.  It’s super fun and the photos are going to turn out amazing you won’t even be able to pick your favorite!!  Definitely an experience a senior won’t want to miss out on!”


"Alycia really cares about the experience you will have and pays close attention to the details your shot. She is also savvy when it come to location and lighting. I first met Alycia when she took my sons senior pictures. He was not looking forward to the photo shoot! Alycia was able to make the session fun and get my kid to try just about anything, which won me over and the following year I returned with my daughter. Once again I was blown away with her senior session. I can’t say enough good things about Alycia! I have great photos of my kids but the best part was the memories behind each photos. Thank You Alycia!!!!" ~Lakeisha (mom)


"Alycia was great! I was unsure about location options to begin with, but Alycia already had certain locations under her belt that she was willing to share with me. She made the session fun, and the pictures were both professional and reflective of my personality."

She was open to interpretation and willing to try different poses and locations to fit my wishes. She was flexible and positive.
3. If you were to recommend Alycia to your best friend, what would you say?


“My biggest concern with everyone we looked at for senior pictures was whether or not they would be able to cater to my shorter hair. The resolution was immediate, and opened the way for the creation of many unique photographs.”


"We knew from the beginning how professional and talented Alycia was and after our experience with her we were even more pleased with our results! My favorite part was feeling special the whole day. Between getting my hair and makeup done and running all around Denton, I felt important and listened to about exactly what i wanted. Alycia is professional, talented and extremely thorough with her work. She goes above and beyond to make everyone involved feel important and heard. I loved my senior session and had so much fun! My pictures turned out great and I’m so thankful that we chose Alycia for my senior session!"


“Working with Alycia was an amazing opportunity.  I was constantly laughing and was able to be myself and she was definitely able to capture those moments. I was blown away by my senior pictures. I couldn't have asked for them to be any better. Thank you Alycia for capturing me and my laugh!”